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Educational Resources

itrek’s educational resources were created to support Leaders and Educators in facilitating impactful on-the-ground Israel Trek experiences. These resources are an invitation to listen, reflect and question with a curious mind, and engage in open dialogue around nuanced and complex issues that might arise during the Israel Trek.


Processing Resources

itrek Processing Resources offer best practices, detailed activities and professional instructions for creating impactful processing opportunities during the Israel Trek.

itrek Talk Cards

itrek Talk Cards provide tools to equip Leaders and Educators in meaningfully engaging with their participants. They offer useful prompts that will inspire participants to formulate insights about their Israel Trek. These insights enable participants to apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives and studies.

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October 7th Art Cards

The October 7th Art Cards allow Leaders and participants to reflect on their time in Israel and process their emotions, thoughts and insights through art. Experiences on the Israel Trek can render people speechless. In these moments, art can stimulate one’s imagination and creativity and encourage self-expression.

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