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itrek Talk Cards

itrek Talk Cards provide tools to equip Leaders and Educators in meaningfully engaging with their participants. They offer useful prompts that will inspire participants to formulate insights about their Israel Trek. These insights enable participants to apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives and studies.

Conflict_TalkCards COVER.jpg

The Conflict, Competing Narratives & Coexistance

Religion_TalkCards COVER.jpg

Religion & Spirituality

Culture_TalkCards Cover.jpg

Culture & Identity

DiversityDemocracy_TalkCards COVER.jpg

Diversity, Democracy
& Pluralism

Social_TalkCards COVER.jpg

The Social Experience

HistoryContemporary_TalkCards COVER.jpg

History & Contemporary Context

Innovation_TalkCards COVER.jpg

Innovation, Investment
& Impact

Region_TalkCards COVER.jpg

Region & Geography

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