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Speakers and Experiences

The Speakers and Experiences Database lays out itrek’s content recommendations according to eight themes that will help you structure your itinerary. Use this tool to help identify the best speakers, site visits, and activities to create an engaging, fun, and meaningful experience for you and your participants. This resource was created to support you in making your goals into reality. 

Post-October 7th Content

The October 7th attack on Israel has redefined local geopolitics and internal social and political trends in numerous ways. Visiting Israel at this time allows visitors to witness history unfold. Observing the reality on the ground first-hand is an invitation to intimately understand the crisis and contemplate Israeli resilience.


Historical Context

Understanding Israel's history in terms of its position at the crossroads of ancient empires, its early political movements, and its post-WWII genesis allows students to grasp historical ties to the land and efforts to build and develop a country.

Regional Context

Understanding broader global and regional context is valuable to further understand how Israel deals with ongoing issues of uncertainty and upheaval both at home and abroad.

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The Conflict

Understanding the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the multitude of competing narratives surrounding it exposes students to a disconnect between public perception and reality that overlooks a vast spectrum of views and opinions. First-hand exploration of the core issues at the center of the conflict, and witnessing efforts to constructively deal with the issues, empowers participants to foster a more considered and nuanced view.


Understanding Israel's political dynamics and governing structure exposes students to Israel's checks and balances and how they influence its decision-making mechanism.

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Experiencing Israel's burgeoning high-tech ecosystem and understanding the underlying social and economic conditions that lead to such success allows students to appreciate the global impact of Israeli technology and better understand the cultural factors that contribute to its development.

Social Society

Understanding the demographic makeup of Israeli society and its public discourse allows students to see Israel beyond stereotypes and rigid ideologies.



Exposure to the lifestyles and culture of everyday Israelis allows students to immerse themselves in unique aspects of Israeli society and view citizens separate from the emotionally-charged political discourse This creates space to unwind with culinary experiences, recreational activities, cultural tours, and social events.

Faith & Religion

Visiting diverse sites of faith in Israel allows students to consider the deep religious and spiritual history of the land and explore their own personal connection and the connection of others.

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