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FAQ and Guidelines

Pre-Israel Trek Activities Policies & Procedures:

  • How many separate Pre-Israel Trek experiences can Leaders host?
    There is no specific limit to the number of individual Pre-Israel Trek experiences. We encourage you to host multiple experiences and engage as many students as possible in a way most suited to you and your peers.
  • What are the benefits of hosting a Pre-Israel Trek experience?
    A chance to deliver interesting, high quality content to your peers, something you will be proud to offer and which will give them a taste of what a week in Israel is really like Distinguish yourself as a leader among your peers Hosting a Pre-Israel Trek experience is a great opportunity to advertise your Israel Trek on campus and to allow participants to begin to connect and begin to form a community.
  • How are the experiences budgeted & paid for?
    Israel Treks have a Pre-Israel Trek budget of up to $1,500. Expert Speaker, Tour Educator/Chef: up to $1500 (including venue) Israeli food up to $500 Group bonding up to $500 The majority of expenses for experiences will be paid by itrek directly to a third-party vendor, but in some cases itrek may need to reimburse Leaders or participants. These subsidies will be processed via reimbursement following the event.
  • Is there a list of Leader tasks to guide the process?
    Yes! You can find a list of Leader tasks HERE which will help break down the order of operations and show the particular steps for launching a Pre-Israel Trek experience.
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